Balgay Farm. Beef Shorthorn and Aberdeen Angus
Balgay Farm. Beef Shorthorn and Aberdeen Angus



Lots 1 - 4 will be a draft from Balgay and Drumcross herds.

Details of these heifers are on our cows and heifers for sale page.

Perth Show 6th August


It was our first visit to the Great Yorkshire Show and it was well worth the long journey. The showground itself is very well laid out and welcoming to all, we were very lucky with the weather lovely and sunny and not too hot throughout our stay.

The cattle settled well into their stalls after their long journey and behaved impeccably throughout our stay. Balgay Jerusalems class was full of strong young bulls and we were delighted with his 4th place, Balgay Ariel was agian in another strong heifer class and we were again delighted with a first place with her.

The Royal Highland Show

23rd - 26th June

For the first time we took both Beef Shorthorn and Aberdeen Angus to the Royal Highland Show. This year was the highest number of Shorthorns exhibited and they came from all over the UK and Ireland. Aberdeen Angus numbers were slightly down on last year but a good quality of show cattle were put forward.

Although it wasnt our day in the ring with the Aberdeen Angus we were delighted with their behaviour and they looked fabulous. We had some very encouraging comments from fellow stockmen which we are very grateful for

We had better luck in the Shorthorn ring with Balgay Justice coming a very respectable 6th in a very strong young bull class and Balgay Heather Maid in another very strong heifer class coming 4th which we were delighted with.

Central and West Fife Show

4th June

Harrison and Hetherington, Borderway Mart Carlisle

Spring Show and Sale of Bulls and Females

27th May

We made the journey to Carlisle with 3 Shorthorn Bulls and 1 Aberdeen Angus Bull for the spring show. There was an impressive turnout of cattle from both breeds with breeders from Ireland in abundance.

We were absolutley delighted that our Aberdeen Angus bull Keeper Of The Rings, a son of Duncanziemere judge E188 out of Wedderlie Katren came 2nd in a very strong class and went on to sell well.

The run of success continued in the show ring with our 3 Shorthorn bulls who were all in the same class taking 3 of the top 4 placings. Balgay Halbarad, a Chpelton Winsome son coming 4th, Balgay Hill coming 3rd and Balgay Hidden Land winning his class and going on to be Overall Champion both of these bulls are sired by Chapelton Braveheart.

Trade was the best that we had seen for this year and all bulls sold well with Balgay Halbarad having the second top price

Lambing 2016



Lambing 2016 was very prolific for us, although we scanned too late to get a accurate lambing percentage we were all shocked by how triples were the new doubles!! 

One mule even pulled her own April Fools Day trick on us by lambing a set of doubles at 5pm and then 3 more were found in her pen at 10pm, all lambs are like peas in a pod and a good size too. Another mule who was

not content to be kept out of the lime light promptly lambed 5 healthy good sized lambs a few days later and along with a set of quads Will and Amy have been kept busy bottle feeding any hungry lambs.

Harrison and Heitherington, Borderway Mart Carlisle

Early Spring Show and Sale Of Bulls and Females

26th February


2 Chapelton Braveheart sons made the journey south to Carlisle for the early spring show and sale.

Balgay Helix a son of Balgay Pixie is a very easy fleshing, powerful framy bull with a loveable character to match, we were delighted with his 4th place in his class.

Balgay Haradrim is a son of Tofts Lovely C484 and is a very deep, tall, rangy bull, we were absolutley delighted when he went on to be overall reserve champion.

Both bulls went on to sell well and we wish their new owners the very best of luck with them and thank them for their custom.


Aberdeen and Northern Marts, Thainstone Centre

Spring Show & Sale of Multi Breed Pedigree Cattle.

24th February



It was our first visit to Thanistone and we were amazed at how big it is, the facilities that are there are impressive and made our visit very enjoyable, and we are not just talking about the very good coffee on offer.

We took just one Aberdeen Angus bull with us and we were delighted that he came 4th in his class. Balgay Keeper Of The Rings is not one of the biggest of bulls but is very correct in breed character, and is a half brother to Auldhouseburn Carlos. He has done very well as his dam was a very arthritic 17 year old cow who did everything in life at a very steady pace.

Trade again was sticky on the day and we dicided to bring him home to grow on some more as we were amazed at how he had grown from the last time he was weighed





Hi Ho ! Its Off Combining We Go...

23rd February




Not many farmers can say with a hand on their heart that they went combining in February in Scotland. The 3 fields of beans had a change of heart and ripened to perfection from being a handful of mush at Christmas.

Although they did not yield at what they promised too back in the summer they come off at a respectable 1.1 tonne to the acre and will be used as a feed protein on the farm.






Caledonian Marts, Oban

125th Spring Show and Sale of Highland Cattle

14th & 15th February 2016



A 2 year old bull and two 2 year old heifers made the journey to Oban for the 125th Spring Show and Sale, although it wasnt their day in the ring with the judge, all three behaved impeccably and looked spectactular.

We thank Mr Wainwright for his purchase of both hiefers and the bull we will leave to grow on over the summer months.




United Auctions, Stirling

Aberdeen Angus and Beef Shorthorn Bull Sales

31st January and !st February 2016



We took our largest amount of cattle to the February Stirling bull show and sale, it consisted of 6 Beef Shorthorn Bulls, 3 Aberdeen Angus Bulls and 2 Shorthorn heifers. There was a tremendous turnout of bulls from both breeds with some exceptional examples of both breeds on show.

We had good results in the show ring with the Beef Shorthorns with 2 x 2nd places, 2 x 4th places and a 5th place, we also recieved our first ever rosette won at Stirling with the Aberdeen Angus with a 5th place by Balgay Keeper Of The Rings.

The sale with both breeds was at best sticky with many commenting that the weather, previous flood damage and the on going lack of single farm payements to blame. We were pleased that we sold 4 of the 9 bulls taken and both of the heifers, with 1 of the bulls and 1 of the heifers being sold to seperate farms in Norther Ireland.

We would like to thank their new owners for their custom and with them the very best of luck with them in the future.  







Jimmy Hunter teaching Craig some market Etiquette,

( what to have for breakfast )



Balgay Eldamar P286 waiting patiently to go into the show ring




Harlond EE Lang in action in the ring




Balgay Haldir after his final wash before leaving for Stirling




Balgay Healer after his final wash befor leaving for Stirling

Glenisla Zetor



Balgay Farm are very pleased to announce that Glenisla Zetor semen is now available from Red Cattle Genetics.



United Auctions, Stirling

Beef Shorthorn Show and Sale of Bulls and Females

18th and 19th October



Balgay Cute Elwing with Balgay Betty standing behind
Balgay Galadriel



102 female Beef Shorthorns were put forward for this sale at Stirling, and all of our 4 entries are sired by Chapelton Braveheart, this is the first time that any Braveheart daughters have been on the market. We were delighted to be placed with two of the heifers in their classes, a 3rd from Balgay Cute Elwing and a 5th place with Balgay Clara Lilly H338. 3 out of the 4 were sold and we thank their new owners for their custom and wish them all the best with them in the future.



Harrison and Hetherington, Carlisle. 

Aberdeen Angus Show and Sale of Bulls and Females

Friday 2nd October




Balgay Finley and Balgay Golodhrim ready for show time

27 bulls were put forward for the show and sale at Carlisle, with a very high level of Aberdeen Angus Bulls throughout. Trade was at best called sticky with alot of bulls remaining unsold on the day.  Balgay Finley was first in the ring, a son of  Idvies Jarvis Eric J427, he is a big framed bull with a lot of depth in the body and a very easy going character. We were delighted to be placed second with him in his class but unfortunally he came home with us unsold. Balgay Golodhrim was next in, a son of Netherton Mr Motovator K559, again another big framed bull but with alot of length in the barrel. We were again delighted with a first place in his class  and he was one of very few bulls sold on the day. We wish his new owner the best of luck with him and thank him for his custom.



Images of Harvest 2015

United Auctions, Stirling

Annual September Sale of Aberdeen Angus Cattle

12th September



We took 5 heifers to Stirling for this sale, 4 of them are sired by our own homebred stock bull Balgay Elevation and the other by Duncanziemere Judge. We were delighted with a 100% clearence of all of them with an average of 1616 guineas for each of them. 3 of the heifers have been exported to Northern Ireland and we wish all of our customers on that day the very best of luck with them all and thank them for their custom.



Balgay Farm 31st August


Today we have been busy starting to get our Angus heifers ready for the Annual September Sale of Aberdeen Angus at United Auctions, Stirling. For lot numbers and photographs of the heifers please go to our cows and heifers for sale page.



Perth Show 2nd August


Our show season finishes with Perth Show, which is our local show. The weather was kind to us and the rain held off until nearly to the end of the grande parade, when the heavens opened and everyone got drenched.

We took Balgay Rivendell who came 4th in her class, Amy and Annie, the highland, were just outside the rosettes and for the first time we took 3 texel cross gimmers for a class, who again were just outside the rosettes.



Drumcross Domino H858


Royal Highland Show 18th - 21st June


Althoug the weather was not as good as last year the excitment and enthusiasm for the show was as high as ever.

We took a team of 4 to the show, 3 Beef Shorthorn and a Highland Heifer form our sister farm at Glasgow. Corinna Sean 2nd of Killochries was shown by Mike who thoroughly enjoyed himself showing highland cattle and although she did not recieve a rosette she looked and behaved very well.

Balgay Haradrim wsa in a large class of 19 for bull born on or after 1st Apri 2014. This was a class full of well developed good young bulls which are a credit tothe breed and unfortunally it waw not Haradrims day for a rosette.

Balgay Jackie and Drumcross Domino H858 were in a class of 19 together for female born after 1st January and on or before 31st March 2014. Again this class was full of heifers that are a credit to the Beef Shorthorn breed. We were absolutely delighted when Domino won the class and then went on to win Best Junior Female, Reserve Junior Champion, Reserve Female Champion and then was picked for the team to represent the Beef Shorthorn breed for Native Breeds Inter-Breed Team Competition - 4th and Beef Cattle Inter-Breed Team Competition.



Corinna Sean 2nd of Killochries

Fife Show - 23rd May


It was our first time to Fife Show and what a enjoyabe day we had. The weather was perfect and our two heifers that we took behaved impeccably on their first time out.

Balgay Jackie H320, a Chapelton Winsome daughter came 2nd in her class while Balgay Rivendell, a Fearn Crusier daughter came just outside of the rosettes.

Balgay Equador N239

Carlisle Bull Sales 22nd May


There was a very strong turnout of Aberdeen Angus at Harrison and Heterington Ltd, Carlisle for their May Sales. The bulls of all ages were of a high quality and turnout.

We took 2 Bulls, Balgay Freddie N222, a big framed bull who is sired by Netherton Mr Motovator K559 and altough it was not his day in the ring he went on to sell well for 2600g. We were delighted with Balgay Equador N239 who is sired by Idvies Jarvis Eric J427, he came 1st in his class and then went on to become Senior Reserve Champion and sold for 3200g.

We give their new owners our best wishes and thank them for their custom.   

Stirling Bull Sales 4th May

Balgay Guarded Ciity

We were back again at United Auctions, Sirling in May with our two remaining Shorthorn Bulls and a Aberdeen Angus Bull.

Both Shorthorns which are sired by Chapelton Braveheart came 4th in their classes, which we were delighted with.

Balgay Fandango, a powerful big framed bull by Idvies Jarvis Eric J427 sold well for 2800g.

Balgay Gaffer L'eal, sold for 2500g and Balgay Guarded City got the top price for the shorthorn trade with 4200g.

We wish their new owners the very best of luck with them and thank them for their custom.


4th March


Highland Cattle Back At Balgay Farm


Everyone meet Annag Sean Of Killochries or "Annie"

Stirling Bull Sale 1st,2nd,3rd February



This was the first time that we took both Shorthorn and Aberdeen Angus bulls to Stirling. The two Angus bulls, Balgay Eros by Duncanziemere Judge E188 and Balgay Fandango by Idvies Jarvis Eric looked very well and behaved impeccably in the ring and although it wasn't thier day in the show ring we could not have been happier with them. We wish Balgay Eros's new owner the very best of luck with him and thank him for his custom.


We could'nt have been more surprised or happier with the success that we had with the Shorthorn Bulls. We both express a huge thankyou to everyone for their kind comments and words of congratulations to us, as "newcomers" the words spoken to us by very experienced stockmen and stockwomen are priceless.

Balgay Gandalf EE Lang, came 4th in his class and sold for 2800g

Balgay Gypsy King, came 2nd in his class and then went on to be Senior Reserve Champion and sold for 6000g.

Balgay Gorbadoc, came 3rd in his class and sold for 8000g.

Balgay Gorgoroth, won his class and then was top of the market selling for 13000g. All of the bulls were sired by Chapelton Braveheart. We thank all of our buyers for their custom and wish them the very best of luck with them all.

Perth Show


The weather was not very kind to the exhibitors on the 2nd day of the show and it drizzled throughout the day, this however did not dampen spirits in the cattle lines.

We brought a young Aberdeen Angus bull, 'Balgay Eros' to show, this bull is out of our stock bull Duncanziemere Judge E188 and Auldhouseburn Elouise K434. He was shown by Tom and came a very strong 2nd in his class.

Mike and Jackie showed two Shorthorns bulls, 'Balgay Gorbadoc' and 'Balgay Gogoroth' who came 3rd and 4th in their class.

Will and Amy brought their lambs along for the young handlers class too and battled through harsh weather conditions, and were rewarded with a 2nd and a special. "Well Done".    

The Royal Highland Show


We made no changes to the show team for the Royal Highland Show, we were delighted that one of our heifers Balgay Secret Snowdrop came 6th in a very strong heifer class and our junior bull Balgay Gorbadoc came 3rd in his class. The bull class was full of outstanding young bulls and the judge had a very hard job but we were absolutely delighted with this result. This was our first time showing at the Higland and we thouroughly impressed with the organisation of the show and enjoyed our time there.

Central and West Fife Show

Jackie & Mike won 1st place in the 2013 Beef Shorthorn Bull class with 'Balgay Gorbadoc' or 'Gorby' as he is known. Gorby also won the William Meiklem of Bennochy Cup awarded to the Best Shorthorn Animal.  They also won 2nd place in the 2013 Heifer class with 'Balgay Secret Snowdrop'.  Both of these animals are sired by Braveheart (straws available).

Saturday 16th November 2013

"Stars Of The Future"

Calf Show, United Auctions, Stirling


A fantastic day was had by Balgay Farm at the stars of the future calf show, which was held at the United Auctions, Stirling for the first time. This was our first big outing since arriving at the farm and a huge thankyou has to go to all of the Balgay family - Grant and his wife Lesley, Will, Amy and baby Raegan, all who supported and helped at the show. 


All of the Shorthorn classes had a strong display of outstanding quality calves and we were delighted with coming second with Balgay Secret Snowdrop in the junior heifer class and another second with Balgay Gorbadoc in the junior bull class, both of these calves are sired by one of our stock bulls Chapelton Bravehart.

2nd Nov 2013

Our recent Angus advertisement.

Shorthorn advert

29th October 2013

Pedigree cattle bred for commercial success

Our latest shorthorn ad shows the Chapelton Braveheart line, all of whom are performance recorded and HiHealth accredited. Chapelton Braveheart and Glenisla Zetor stock and semen are for sale.

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