Balgay Farm. Beef Shorthorn and Aberdeen Angus
Balgay Farm. Beef Shorthorn and Aberdeen Angus

Genisla Zetor

Terminal Index           +44

Self Replacing Index   +38


                                                 GLENISLA JACOBITE (P)

                                     DUNSYRE NORTH STAR (P)

                                                       LOCH AWE DAISY 3RD (H)


              Sire: FEARN WYVIS (H)


                                                       UPPERMILL LOCH ALSH (H)

                                     FEARN PASSION (P)

                                                      GLENISLA FAIRY CLIPPER K33 (P)




                                                       SUTHERLAND TITLEIST 269 ET (P)

                                     GLENISLA MISSISSIPPI (P)

                                                       GLENISLA PAULINE DAISY 3RD (P)


              Dam: GLENISLA EVA BROADHOOKS P429 (P)


                                                       DIAMOND DAKOTA 2D

                                     GLENISLA EVA BROADHOOKS M44 (P)

                                                       GLENISLA EVA BROADHOOKS J61 (H)


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2016 Glenisla Zetor calves


Balgay Rosewood Romy and her bull calf, Balgay Jerusalem Song






Balgay Jerusalem Song out showing in 2016, he was placed 6th at The Great Yorkshire Show

Balgay Justice Keeper

Balgay Justice August 2016

West Fife Show - 1st

The Royal Highland Show - 6th

Balgay Sweet Tulip, SR-29 TI-34. Dam - Balgay Wild Tulip,
Balgay Jitterbug, SR-16 TI-24. Dam - Rothes Mari

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