Balgay Farm. Beef Shorthorn and Aberdeen Angus
Balgay Farm. Beef Shorthorn and Aberdeen Angus

Cattle for sale

The cattle for sale are split into pedigree Beef Shorthorn and Aberdeen Angus.  We attend most of the main shows and sales, but always welcome private farm visits where you can see the cattle in their natural habitat and chat to us about how we have reared them, see the facilities and ask any questions.  Our door is always open so please just get in touch



A selection of 2 year old homebred heifers sired by either Netherton Mr Motovator or Balgay Elevation AI'd to either Oakchurch Field Marshall, Idvies Jarvis Eric and Cudlobe Yellowstone


10/09/16 - Stirling United Auctions, Sale of Un Haltered Females

Lot 1 - Drumcross Blackberry

          Netherton Mr Motovator X Auldhouseburn Blackberry

          TI 34 SR 41

Lot 2 - Balgay Katrina

          Netherton Mr Motovator X Auldhouseburn Katrina

          TI 41 SR 49

Lot 3 - Balgay Ebrona

          Netherton Mr Motovator X Auldhouseburn Ebrona

          TI 39 SR 51

          In calf AI 5/7/16 Idvies Jarvis Eric

Lot 4 - Balgay Elegirl

           Balgay Elevation X Balgay Elegirl N218

           TI 30 SR 41

           In calf AI 5/7/16 Oakfield Marshall  

A Selection of 2015 Born Heifers



The Beef Shorthorn heifers in the following photos are all 2015 born and are currently running with Drumcross Jonah, a son of Wolf Willow Major Leroy 1M (SS) out of Hall Haven Sonny Sue 6N cow.


2015 heifers


Right of image

Balgay Lancaster Clare 1st, a Glenisla Zetor daughter

Left of image

Balgay Blue Mountain, out of Oldglenort Brittany and Balgay Gentleman Gigha


Left of image -

Balgay Cair Crocus, daughter of Balgay Clare Crocus and Glenisla Zetor.

Right of image -

Drumcross Dori, daughter of Rowanlea Dalrossie and Meonhill Field Marshall.






Stirling United Auctions - sale of unhaltered Aberdeen Angus Heifers


All heifers were sold at United Auctions with 3 heifers being exported to Northern Ireland



Lot 160 Balgay Egyptian Queen P285
Lot 161 Balgay Ithilien P288
Lot 162 Balgay Eowyn P306
Lot 163 Balgay Black Cloud P314
Lot 164 Balgay Breeze Maid P340

August 2015

A selection of Beef Shorthorn maiden heifers sired by Chapelton Braveheart and Dunsyre Cavalier which will be for sale at Stirling United Auctions this October

Balgay Rothes Martha on the left and Balgay Arwen
Balgay Betty H307
Balgay Clara Lilly

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