Balgay Farm. Beef Shorthorn and Aberdeen Angus
Balgay Farm. Beef Shorthorn and Aberdeen Angus

Balgay Elevation

Terminal Index          33

Self Replacing Index  45


Available for export



                                                                    Hoff Great Western

                                                  Hoff Trail Boss

                                                                    Hoff Miss Renovation


                       Sire - Mosston Muir Innes H202


                                                                    Willabar Right Time 34E

                                                  Willabar Ina 61H

                                                                    Willabar Ina 61H


Animal - Balgay Elevation L108


                                                                    Krugerrand of Donamere 490

                                                   F A R Krugerrand 410H

                                                                    F A R Erianna 286F


                        Dam - Mosston Muir Elsie D082


                                                                    Cudlobe Chester 612

                                                   Cudlobe Eline 46C

                                                                    Cudlobe Eline 19A


For the table on the Aberdeen Angus website please click on the link below

2015 Balgay Elevation Calves

Dam - Balgay Eberline M162
2nd time calvers Balgay Kathlee M137 and Balgay Fawn M163 with their calves

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