Balgay Farm. Beef Shorthorn and Aberdeen Angus
Balgay Farm. Beef Shorthorn and Aberdeen Angus

Balgay Farm, Inchture, Perth,PH14 9QH

Beef Shorthorn and Aberdeen Angus



Managed by Iain Wilkinson, who is Share Farming, has brought his own Hereford Pedigree Cattle.  Balgay specialises in Aberdeen Angus and Beef Shorthorns. With state-of-the-art facilities, a highly exerienced team and a close focus on genetics and cattle health, Balgay delivers outstanding results.




Balgay Farm is part of Aird Farming Group, which consists of Balgay Farm, Killochries Fold , Drumcross and Shieldaig Croft, owned by Iain and Sheena Graham.  The family farms work closely together, with each one focusing on their key areas.  Core to all farms is the ability to breed pedigree, performance recorded cattle that deliver commercial success.

Pedigree, performance recorded cattle that deliver commerical success

Balgay Farm, Inchture, Perthshire


The farm itself comprises 1000 acres, based on the famous Carse of Gowrie in some of Scotland's most fertile land.  Generations have farmed here, but today Balgay represents a model of modern farming, with major investment in drainage, grassland management, soil composition, facilities and equipment.  Most importantly, the team that run Balgay are experienced and committed to the highest standards of animal welfare and breeding cattle that deliver results.  A warm welcome awaits you!

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